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Content Licensing at the U.S. Naval Institute encompasses an archive of premium articles, oral histories, imagery, books, and videos available for licensing by partners and consumers. Content licensing includes both Endorsement Licensing and Reuse/Republication Licensing.

Endorsement Licensing

Endorsement licensing includes use of editorial content on social posts, website/email, advertising, product packaging, retail campaigns, catalogs/press kits, reprints, plaques, etc.

To request endorsement licensing for any Naval Institute content, contact Scot Christenson, Communications Director, at [email protected].

Reuse/Republication Licensing

Reuse/republication licensing is the re-purposing of previously published content by a third party. Reuse and Republication requests are evaluated by individual Naval Institute departments.


To reuse content, or to license content for film and television from USNI News, contact Sam LaGrone, USNI News Editor, at [email protected], or Scot Christenson, Communications Director, at [email protected].

Proceedings, Proceedings Today, and the USNI Blog

The Proceedings archive contains articles and other written and graphic content from 1874 through to the present.

To license or reproduce content from Proceedings, the USNI Blog, or Proceedings Today, contact Liese Doherty, Editorial Project Coordinator, at [email protected].

Naval History Magazine and the Naval History Blog

The Naval History Magazine archive contains articles and other written and graphic content from 1987 through to the present.

To license or reproduce content from Naval History Magazine or the Naval History Blog, contact Liese Doherty, Editorial Project Coordinator, at [email protected].

Naval Institute Press

To license or reproduce content from Naval Institute Press books contact Susan Todd Brook, Subsidiary Rights Manager, [email protected].

Oral Histories

Rights for citing, etc. are noted in the front of the individual oral history volume. Although most oral histories are classified open, some interviewees or their families request that you contact them for prior permission before citing.

To license or reproduce written or audio/video content from Naval Institute oral histories, contact Eric Mills, Oral History Program Manager, at [email protected].

Image Licensing

The U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive contains more than 500,000 photographs, negatives, transparencies, scrapbooks, and illustrations. To license an image for an exhibition, book, newsletter, presentation, merchandise, or any other usage, please contact Janis Jorgensen, Director of Heritage, at [email protected].

To purchase a framed or unframed print of an image from the Naval Institute Photo Archive, please visit


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