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We are not a lending library, but you are welcome to visit and use our library to conduct your research.

We are open to the public & invite individuals to visit and conduct research on-site. Library visits can be scheduled by calling (410) 295-1022.

Additionally, our library staff is available to assist with research requests from individuals who are not able to visit us in Beach Hall. Simple requests are normally handled within 24-48 hours. Detailed requests may take longer as required.

Research requests can be addressed to [email protected].


No. Naval Institute Press is only making select titles available in eBook form.

No. eBooks published by Naval Institute Press are only available through our eRetail partners.

No. Because eBooks are purchased through our eRetail partners, not directly from Naval Institute Press, your member discount is not applicable. Each of our eRetail partners, however, does discount the price of each title. See the specific vendor site of your choice for detailed pricing information for each title.

Yes. Please click on the link to your preferred reading device below and follow the instructions.

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Yes. Each of our retail partners provides instructions on how to give the gift of an eBook to a family member or friend.

For members and customers who encounter a problem with their eBook, please contact the retailer from whom the eBook was purchased. For example, if you experience a problem with a Naval Institute Press title for your Kindle, please contact Amazon directly.

For all other Book related inquiries, please email [email protected].

Photo Services

Funds raised allow the U.S. Naval Institute to undertake preservation projects too costly to accomplish with operating funds alone. Tax-deductible gifts to the Photo Archive are used to protect the original photo images and to digitize them so they may be more widely shared. Click here to make a gift.

Approximately 15,000 images are available onlne. However, our collection contains more than 450,000 images from the Civil War to the present.

If you cannot find the photograph you would like to order in our online photo catalog, please send an email to [email protected] or call (410) 295-1022 to speak with our photo archivist.

Photo prints can come in a variety of sizes and are dependent on the aspect ratio of the original image. Framed and fine art photos photos can be cropped to  8" x 10" to sizes of 40” by 80”.

The "Digital" image tab on the U.S. Naval Institute’s photo site is intended for commercial use, and allows you to start a conversation with our photo archivist, get a price established for your project, and order the image to your specifications.

Photographic prints are intended for personal use.

You should receive your print in 7-10 days.

To order a photograph that is not displayed in our online galleries, please send an email to [email protected] or call (410) 295-1022 to speak with our photo archivist.

Follow the checkout prompts in our online photo catalog at

Please call (410) 295-1022 to speak to our archivist.

Please send an email to [email protected] or call (410) 295-1022 to speak with our photo archivist.

Please send an email to [email protected] or call (410) 295-1022 to speak with our photo archivist for usage pricing and permission.

Oral History

If you borrow or purchase an oral history, the rights for citing, etc. are noted in the front of the volume. Although most oral histories are classified open, some interviewees or their families request that you contact them for prior permission before citing.

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Membership with the U.S. Naval Institute puts you in a community of engaged citizens that believe in our mission: Since 1873, the U.S. Naval Institute has been the nation’s foremost open, independent, and non-partisan forum for those dare to read, think, speak, and write to advance the professional, literary, and scientific understanding of sea power and other issues critical to global security.

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Onscreen confirmation of each order placed through our secure server is provided. It may take up to 30 seconds (depending on the amount of traffic on our server, the level of Internet congestion in general, and the speed of your Internet connection) for the confirmation screen to appear. If you hit the back button of your browser before the confirmation screen appears, the confirmation screen will not load in your browser. This has no effect, however, on the ordering process itself. Once you submit an order it is immediately sent to us.

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If you are not pleased with your book purchase, you may return it in saleable condition (no rips, tears, stains, folded pages) within 60 days of receipt for an exchange or full refund, less shipping and handling fees, to:

U.S. Naval Institute 
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Refunds will be given or credited on the payment method of the order; payment by credit card will be refunded to that card, and if the payment is by check a check shall be issued in return. 

Returns must have a copy of the original packing list.  If one is not available, please contact Member Services at 1-800-233-8764 or by email at [email protected]. Customers outside of the U.S. may contact us at 1-410-268-6110.

If it is determined that the return is necessary due to an error on the part of the U.S. Naval Institute, shipping and handling fees will be refunded.  

The time period for processing a return is as follows:

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For same-day shipping via UPS (Ground, Two-Day, Next Day Air), orders must be placed by 12:00 PM EST/EDT.

Address letters in care of the Naval Institute and we will forward. Authors' telephone numbers, addresses, and emails are not released.


[Naval Institute Author]
c/o Naval Institute Press
291 Wood Road
Annapolis, MD 21402.

The Naval Institute Press features a wide range of history, foreign affairs and policy, national security, and leadership titles that have been adopted for course work by colleges and universities across the country. Naval Institute Press books are available as examination copies for course adoption at a cost of $6.00 per paperback copy and $10.00 per hardback copy to cover shipping and handling. There is a three book limit per semester. Click here for more details on our policies.


No. The U.S. Naval Institute has always been and pointedly remains independent from the military services or civilian defense contractors. This helps ensure the integrity of the open forum that has been the hallmark of the U.S. Naval Institute since 1873. We are a non-profit 501c(3) association.

In addition to joining the the U.S. Naval Institute and keeping your membership current, you can also make a tax-deductible, charitable contribution in support of critical Institute programs.

To contact the Naval Institute Foundation:
Phone: 410-295-1054
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We will gladly provide our Merrill Lynch account number and DTC to prospective donors and assist in any way we can. For more information, please email Kirk McAlexander or phone him at (410) 295-1054.

Become a year-round corporate sponsor. For more details on how your organization can benefit, contact the Naval Institute Foundation:
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Use the online contributions form here or contact the Naval Institute Foundation.
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No. The Naval Institute Foundation does not make grants to individuals or other organizations. Its sole purpose is to raise money to support the U.S. Naval Institute's goals.

Funds raised allow the U.S. Naval Institute to undertake necessary educational and preservation projects too costly to accomplish with operating funds alone. Because our traditional sources of income — membership dues, book sales, and advertising revenues — tend to fluctuate with the size of the defense community and economic swings beyond our control, it is prudent to seek additional avenues of support. Also, successful fundraising efforts will allow us to explore new ways to fulfill our mission and to strengthen our professional association.

Make a tax-deductible donation today and help us continue to fulfill our important mission.